The development of the coastal areas has increased during the last decades, being one of the more overcrowded areas.
The coastal engineering is key to transform the coastline in areas more accesibles.
At ECOS, we are specialised in coastal engineering projects with a environmental point of view, reducing the environmental impact and the footprint.

We have carried out several projects linked to the coastal engineering, such as projects of natural swimming pool designs, marine workforce, marine outfall, …, always taking into account the environmental component and the sustainability.


The recovery and improvement of the coastal strip has been a top interest area for the Canary Government in recent years. The development of projects related to

ECOS has participated actively in the projects developed in this field, including the improvement of maritime access, the develppment of natural swimming pools and an action plan toprevent and manage natural disasters.


Proper discharges and waste management is increasingly considered as one of the most important actions to protect the environment. Environmental regulationsfor desalination plants brine dischargesare increasingly restrictive.

At ECOS we haveused all of our experience in this field tospecialized in the optimal design of marine outfalls.


The transformation of the coastal areas generate changes in coastal dynamics, affecting to the beach stabilisation. The knowledge of the environment and the management of the rights tools allow us to develop projects geared towards dune stabilization, sedentary dynamic stabilization, etc, as well as projects developed to rehabilitate the sediment balance and the ideal profile of Maspalomas beach.