Mission and Vision

Ecos was founded as an independent consultancy firm with the aim of working for and with the environment, seeking a balance between development and the conservation of our ecosystems. These were the pillars on which Gregorio Louzara (Oceanographer) and Manuel Ruiz (Marine Biologist) founded Ecos in 2007, with the mission to work for sustainable development and to leave a better planet for future generations.

We believe in conscious consultancy, realising the importance of doing things right for our clients and the planet. To this end, our vision is to be an international benchmark in environmental consultancy, offering a quality service based on transparency and communication with the client, allowing them to streamline their environmental procedures safely, avoiding risks for their company and the environment.

To pursue our mission and vision in Ecos, we put the team at the centre of everything as the basis for achieving excellence in our work. The client is the engine that allows us to move forward and sustainable development as our direction.


Our commitment to the environment allows us to align ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals in a clear way. We work directly on SDG 14 (Underwater Life) and SDG 15 (Terrestrial Life and Ecosystems), assessing how development affects their conservation and proposing measures to reduce impacts. In addition, many of our projects are related to SDG 6 (Water and sanitation), SDG 7 (Affordable and clean energy) and SDG 13 (Climate action).

In Ecos, we work transversally on SDG 5 (Gender equality) and SDG 10 (Reducing inequalities), with a commitment to a team based on knowledge and diversity.


It´s our secret, our core. A diverse team, made up of specialists in different areas that allows us to approach all projects with guarantees:

In ECOS we are structured in 5 technical areas:

Inspection Area: we are a Collaborating Entity with the Administration in the field of Spill Control, accredited by ENAC with the ISO EN UNE 17020 (497/EI746).

Environment Department: Specialized in two areas, onshore and offshore.
The onshore area is focused on the environmental processing of terrestrial projects, specializing in the elaboration of Environmental Impact Studies and environmental monitoring of infrastructures. We have a large number of specialists in Environmental Impact Assessment, Geographic Information Systems, Ornithologists, botanists, etc.

Our specialization in the marine environment has allowed us to create a specific area for the development of environmental projects in the marine environment, with specialists in data acquisition, geophysics, hydrography, marine ecology, cetaceans, etc. A multidisciplinary team that expedites the process of preparing Environmental Impact Studies for offshore industries.

Oceanography and Climate Change Department: the use of numerical models to simulate future scenarios is one of the key tools for coastal management and natural resource planning. We are specialists in the use of software for the calculation of hydrodynamic models, wave, agitation or dispersion studies, as well as their interaction with the environment.